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The Gym - Average Joes Gymnasium provides a wide range of commercial fitness equipment. We have ranges from Life Fitness, Freemotion & Cybex to name a few, all laid out into different areas in our open plan Gym.


  • Cardio area - Cross Trainers, Treadmills, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Steppers and Rowing Machines

  • There are also Flat screen Tv's in the Cardio area to keep you entertained during you workout

  • Resistance Area - A wide range of Stack and plate loaded resistance machines which target all the major muscle groups with both isolated and compound movements

  • Free Weights - various Benches (Flat, Incline and Decline) Olympic Plates, Olympic Bars, Smiths Machine, Dumbells (5-60kg), Barbells (10-50kg)

  • Matted Area - ideal for pre workout stretching Abs workouts, Medicine Balls, etc

  • Climbing Wall - A great way to increase upper body strength especially the forearms is to use our 10 metre wide traversing wall. which has both easy and hard routes to attempt!

  • Changing Area - Offering showers and a changing area with private lockers to keep your belongings in while you workout as well as toilet facilities.

  • Supplement Bar - Also at Average Joes you will find our supplement and shakes Bar, plus all your dietary supplements.

  • Free Inductions - Get shown how all of our equipment works by an instructor to ensure safe and proper use of all machines

  • Free Programmes - Go round with one of our trainers who will create you a tailor-made workout programme based around your goals. We also provide free updates to keep you on track and motivated